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How to Make A Double Entry Line Graph
Added: 8th September 2010
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 3962
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How to make a line graph on Numbers where you are comparing more than one series of data

Tags: numbers, line graph, heat, water, boil
River Nile
Added: 20th November 2013
Posted By: amanda_klahn
Views: 491
Comments: 0

Droughts, floods and environmental degradation have caused much concern among the ten African countries that share the River Nile. As they search for ways to minimise damage, researchers are focusing on people, livestock and the land near the source of this mighty river. Everybody needs to manage...

Tags: g4 STP environment
Olivia and Meiqi's pledges
Added: 28th November 2013
Posted By: 22oliviad
Views: 734
Comments: 0

We are going to pledge to save energy and water.

Tags: pledge, energy, water, tap
Duck Lake Water, Camila, Jessica, Mark
Added: 9th May 2012
Posted By: camila_kochlowski
Views: 707
Comments: 0

This is a video that shows how clean the Duck Lake at WAB is.

Tags: Duck Lake, Water, Jessica, Mark, Camila, Science
Tatiana, Danny, Beixing, Derick, How do we know if we have Pure Water
Added: 9th May 2012
Posted By: 18tatianac
Views: 623
Comments: 0

This is about the Duck Lake Water, how do we know if the Duck Lake water is pure?

Tags: Danny, Tatiana, Beixing, Derick
Sharon 7-3 Tuning Fork in Water
Added: 6th March 2014
Posted By: 19sharonw
Views: 404
Comments: 1

This a video shows how to do a experiment and explain what happen.

Tags: Tuning fork, Tuning fork in water, science
Properties of Water
Added: 5th October 2015
Posted By: stephenie_ngai
Views: 450
Comments: 0

Intermolecular forces give water its many properties.

Tags: water, intermolecular forces