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Jane Goodall Video
Added: 16th September 2010
Posted By: Admin
Views: 1679
Comments: 2

Jane Goodall introduction video. Original source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5MjE4NzI4.html Note: this will be removed on 22 September 2010

Tags: Jane Goodall
Zimbra - How to edit a shared document
Added: 8th September 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 1019
Comments: 0

How-to video showing steps to edit a shared document in Zimbra.

Tags: zimbra, edit, document
Grade 1 Students filming
Added: 24th September 2010
Posted By: jtumba
Views: 1240
Comments: 0

Students in Gr.1 went around the school to interview WAB staff. They kept it on videos. Enjoy their movies!

Tags: film gr1
2010/11 Insight Into Learning: Data Handling
Added: 24th September 2010
Posted By: dmeikle
Views: 1112
Comments: 0

This short video presents part of a recent data handling lesson.

Tags: 1m, data handling, mathematics
Making of Mt Everest Haiku
Added: 5th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 708
Comments: 0

This video shows how I made my Mt Everest Haiku

Tags: haiku, 5C,