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Best Buddies month - Caroline's Talent
Added: 16th March 2016
Posted By: 16sophiem
Views: 297
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Within the Best Buddies group we form one to one friendships, meaning that the members of our group have the opportunity to meet and make friends with a child with disabilities. This is Caroline, she has a social disability making normal social interactions quite difficult for her. Caroline is...

Tags: #bestbuddies #bestbuddiesmonth #rforrespect
Bill Nye: the Eye Ball
Added: 24th March 2016
Posted By: claire_hellendag
Views: 439
Comments: 0

Bill Nye: The Eye Ball

Tags: biology
Added: 11th January 2016
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 635
Comments: 0

The one with the ES choir, Grade 5 visit high school art students and another episode of Behind the Doors.

Tags: WABTV eswabtv
Lunar Eclipse
Added: 22nd March 2016
Posted By: 21lilyr
Views: 493
Comments: 0

A demonstration and explanation of how the position and movement of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun can cause a Lunar Eclipse.

Tags: Science
ICT Remix - a trailer
Added: 22nd December 2015
Posted By: 18jaapd
Views: 302
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A trailer for The Shawshank Redemption as a modern blockbuster

Tags: remix fairuse schoolwork trailer film