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Search Media
Added: 16th November 2010
Posted By: robin_wang
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Tags: TE
Ido's technology interview
Added: 14th March 2012
Posted By: margherite_dadiego
Views: 502
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Ido's technology interview

Tags: technology grade 6
Using Zotero
Added: 19th November 2010
Posted By: mike_bott
Views: 595
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From Science 8, Block F, 19 November

Tags: research science techtools science8
Uploading your essay outline (23 Nov.)
Added: 23rd November 2010
Posted By: mike_bott
Views: 340
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Instructions on finding and using the outline template

Tags: science8
How to use the printer, scanner and copier
Added: 24th November 2010
Posted By: madeleine_brookes
Views: 770
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This is an ITGS project by Sung Min Kim (Grade 12)

Tags: printer
30 Day Challenge (Public, Embeddable)
Added: 23rd August 2011
Posted By: daniel_johnson
Views: 793
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This video was originally produced and disseminated by TED. It is being posted here in accordance with TED's Creative Common's license. For more on this see http://www.ted.com/pages/195.

Tags: Challenge
Added: 20th August 2011
Posted By: beth_gourley
Views: 857
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Students and teachers share some of their favorite reads over the summer.

Tags: reading, Green Sky, library
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: yannick_gagne
Views: 743
Comments: 2

Overview of India. It contains interesting facts about India and its economy.

Tags: gr10ir
News Break: Germany
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: nicole_ligthart
Views: 710
Comments: 4

Recently George Bush has released his memoires. He has mentioned a conversation with Mr. Schroder about military support in Iraq. Mr. Bush jr. says Germany said they would have helped him. Germany/Mr. Schroder says that they had then already stated their opinion; US had no prove.

Tags: gr10ir
Newsbreak: United States of America
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: conrad_grimmer
Views: 698
Comments: 6

The United States Secretary of State has a brief overview of the United States and speaks about the Southern Sudanese referendum.

Tags: United State of America USA Grade 10 gr10ir International relations newsbreak sudan referendum
newsbreak: Japan
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: harang_shin
Views: 675
Comments: 2

Japan's territory issue

Tags: gr10ir
Newbreak: Israel
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: daniel_chong
Views: 726
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Newbreak: This is the Israeli PMO, sharing with you news of Israel's recent movements in the United States.

Tags: GR10IR
Newsbreak: Mexico
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: brooke_mao
Views: 631
Comments: 3

US Military Intelligence Megaplex revealed in Mexico City.

Tags: gr10ir mexico
NewsBreak: South Africa
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: kailing_zhang
Views: 1042
Comments: 3

Comments from the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa regarding the spread of 'whoonga', a new illegal substance mixed from ingredients of HIV/AIDS medication.

Tags: gr10ir newsbreak south-africa
Newsbreak: United Kingdom
Added: 28th November 2010
Posted By: david_tao
Views: 547
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The Minister of State at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office addresses the pressing issue of the North Korean attack on the South Korean island Yeonpyeong.

Tags: gr10ir International Relations United Kingdom UK Newsbreak
How to upload a Keynote to a blog post
Added: 30th August 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 897
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A quick how to showing how to add a Keynote to a blog post

Tags: keynote, blog, post, upload
Addition Strategies In Plan English
Added: 29th November 2010
Posted By: maren_willumsen
Views: 690
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This video explains two strategies for addition in plan English.

Tags: math addition "plan english"
Addition strategies in plain english by Joseph
Added: 29th November 2010
Posted By: joseph_deighton
Views: 600
Comments: 0

This is a video of 2 strategies in plain english (for addition)

Tags: addition 'plain english' strategies
Addition strategies in plain English
Added: 29th November 2010
Posted By: beatrice_cardone
Views: 694
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We did a movie showing how you can use two strategies for addition sums and all in plain English.

Tags: Math additions "plain English"
Addition strategies in plain english
Added: 29th November 2010
Posted By: emma_zhou
Views: 648
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This video shows two different strategies to add.

Tags: math addition "plain english"