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Summer Heat
Added: 16th December 2010
Posted By: magnus_Kjaergaard
Views: 649
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This is a poem that I made into a movie.

Tags: 5T uoi Summer Heat
summer,winter poem
Added: 19th September 2011
Posted By: 19joeyp
Views: 638
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this is my poem

Tags: Poems
Winter, Summer Poem
Added: 14th October 2011
Posted By: 19joeyp
Views: 607
Comments: 0

This is my winter and summer poem

Tags: Winter summer poem
Deforestation Summertive Assessment
Added: 22nd November 2011
Posted By: 20alant
Views: 40755
Comments: 3

My movie

Tags: Deforestation
Deforestation Summertive Assessment
Added: 23rd November 2011
Posted By: 20alant
Views: 617
Comments: 0

My movie

Tags: Deforestation
Added: 21st February 2012
Posted By: 19yuvalg
Views: 532
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This is a video about how long summer is in Uranus

Tags: Yuval, 5C, WIDKT
Kuther School Foundation
Added: 24th February 2012
Posted By: 19javiers
Views: 585
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This is a video of a small summery made by me summarizing what the project Kuther School Foundation started in WAB (Western Academy of Beijing) does.

Tags: Kuther School Foundation, Javier, 5C
Bye Bey
Added: 11th June 2012
Posted By: 19javiers
Views: 494
Comments: 0

this is a video of a summery of what I think were the most important times in grade 5.

Tags: Grandma asked me, 5c, javier
Change In Beijing
Added: 21st October 2013
Posted By: 22tiernand
Views: 271
Comments: 0

My summertime assessment

Tags: UOI Project
Added: 11th October 2013
Posted By: 21clarao
Views: 405
Comments: 0

This is my poetry project.

Tags: Grade 5
Summer tive ases ment
Added: 18th October 2013
Posted By: 22maxm
Views: 376
Comments: 0

This is good

Tags: asessment
iMovie Summeritive
Added: 6th December 2013
Posted By: 22jeremys
Views: 503
Comments: 0

This is my Summertive!

Tags: Summertive iMovie
The Legend of Munzamin Retell
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: 21alexandral
Views: 413
Comments: 0

We did a summery/retell of The Legend of Munzamin Retell.

Tags: YA!
Added: 10th June 2014
Posted By: 23zoem
Views: 678
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Chinese summer holiday project

Tags: Chinese class
UOI Home Learning Video
Added: 28th January 2015
Posted By: 22laurena
Views: 393
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This is a video that I took over the summer holiday to describe the Film Techniques that I did and why I used them. This is our home learning project.

Tags: UOI Home Learning
Summer On The Beach Poem Video Assessment
Added: 15th January 2016
Posted By: 23frederiekek
Views: 332
Comments: 0

Summer On The Beach Poem Video Assessment

Tags: Summer On The Beach Poem Video Assessment
Dani's Summer HOliday
Added: 20th May 2011
Posted By: danielle_castro
Views: 1240
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Tags: FUN
WAB Reads
Added: 7th September 2010
Posted By: beth_gourley
Views: 1391
Comments: 0

Several high school students share some of their summer reads.

Tags: library GreenSky reading
Added: 20th August 2011
Posted By: beth_gourley
Views: 860
Comments: 0

Students and teachers share some of their favorite reads over the summer.

Tags: reading, Green Sky, library
Remix ICT
Added: 20th December 2015
Posted By: 18magnusk
Views: 342
Comments: 0

song list Calvin Harris - Summer (Bombs Away Remix) WolFiiE - Melbourne Funk (Original Mix) Maiki Vanics - Need It Louderz & Empty - Two Chances Henry Fong x SCNDL – A•• Up Zac Waters & APAX - The Groove Tincup x Quix x G-Rex x King Tutt - Rainy Day (ATLiens Remix) Snavs -...

Tags: Remix ICT