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Creating a bookmarks list using Safari
Added: 4th November 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 754
Comments: 0

How to create a drop down list of all of your classes digital desks.

Tags: digital desks, how to, safari, drop down, bookmark
Adding and Editing in your Bookmarks Bar
Added: 12th August 2012
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 548
Comments: 0

This video will show you how to add a bookmark to your bookmark bars in Safari, Firefox or Chrome, and then how to edit that later on.

Tags: browsers
Download to Desktop
Added: 16th August 2012
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 504
Comments: 0

Do you download files and attachments in your favourite browser (Safari, Firefox or Chrome) then spend the next 10 minutes trying to find the file? The video will show you how to set your favourite browser to download all files (including email attachments) to your desktop.

Tags: file, download, downloads
One click, multiple tabs in Safari
Added: 18th January 2012
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 554
Comments: 0

How to open up all your regular sites with one click in Safari.

Tags: safari, how to, tabs