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How to upload movie files to blogs.wab.edu
Added: 16th November 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 1137
Comments: 0

A quick how to video showing how to insert movie files into your blog posts.

Tags: blog, movie, insert, quicktime
Wembly Stadium
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: jasmine_ho
Views: 630
Comments: 0

This is a movie about Wembly Stadium connections.

Tags: Wembly Stadium, movie, connections
Wembley Stadium Engineering connections
Added: 3rd December 2010
Posted By: magnus_Kjaergaard
Views: 625
Comments: 0

This is about how the past is connected to the present.

Tags: wembley stadium, movie, uoi
How to remove audio and adjust clip speed (no sound)
Added: 10th March 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 809
Comments: 0

Detaching the audio from a clip and changing clip speed in iMovie.

Tags: imovie, audio, speed, clip
National Geographic
Added: 10th June 2011
Posted By: alyssa_zhang
Views: 692
Comments: 0

Watch this movie, you'll learn a lot! Please enjoy it!

Tags: grasslands alyssa
Adding effects to video clips in iMovie
Added: 7th September 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 770
Comments: 0

How to change the look and feel of your video clips using iMovie's effects panel.

Tags: imovie, film, video, effects
Importing video clips into iPhoto
Added: 7th September 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 550
Comments: 0

How to import movie clips into iPhoto.

Tags: iphoto, movie, clips, import
Importing video clips from an iPhoto gallery into iMovie
Added: 7th September 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 898
Comments: 0

How to get your clips from iPhoto into iMovie so you can work with them.

Tags: iphoto, imovie, import, video, clips
Using the green screen in iMovie
Added: 19th September 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 4730
Comments: 1

How to turn on the advanced tools and using the green screen in iMovie.

Tags: imovie, green screen
Summative Assesment
Added: 12th October 2011
Posted By: 20cathyc
Views: 774
Comments: 0

Come and watch my movie, enjoy!!!!

Tags: UOI
When I Poem
Added: 14th October 2011
Posted By: 19heloisec
Views: 621
Comments: 1

This is something I made on IMovie, These are poems about my feelings.

Tags: Heloise, 5c, Grade 5 Video Festival
How To Subtract
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: 20alicey
Views: 561
Comments: 0

In this movie, you will learn a very simple way of subtracting.

Tags: By: Alice.Y
Wybe's Soccer Movie, 5J
Added: 20th October 2011
Posted By: 19wybep
Views: 28491
Comments: 1

This is a soccer movie about what it is like being one.

Tags: Wybe Movie 5J
Lukas's Movie
Added: 20th October 2011
Posted By: 19lukasd
Views: 596
Comments: 0

Here is my final assessment movie on our first unit How We Express Our Selfs

Tags: poetry movie,poetry
How 2 Use Garage Band to add a Movie Soundtracks
Added: 23rd February 2012
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 657
Comments: 0

As the title says

Tags: imovie, how 2, garage band, audio
Dust movie
Added: 1st March 2012
Posted By: 19braxtonp
Views: 502
Comments: 0

This is a a movie about poor kids

Tags: Dust, dust movie, braxton, 5c
Added: 7th September 2012
Posted By: 20alant
Views: 614
Comments: 1


Tags: movie,in and out
The Stairs/Epic fail catch
Added: 12th September 2012
Posted By: 20brianw
Views: 1853
Comments: 1

This is the funny video as I run up the stairs just to get hit by a pillow. :-D

Tags: Brian, Aniek V, imovie, stairs
1B Alice
Added: 29th October 2012
Posted By: adam_bourret
Views: 326
Comments: 0

Using iMovie, Alice was able to narrate a photo story of her memory story.

Tags: 1B Alice's Memory Story_Oct
Math Multiplication Movie
Added: 11th April 2013
Posted By: 22hojunk
Views: 407
Comments: 0


Tags: Math Multiplication Movie, HoJun