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Stop Motion 1-the Stairs
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 578
Comments: 0

In this video, there are only about 15 photo's that I just copied and pasted over and again. Joey moves forward about 1 step each time. The music is Walk Like an Egyptian, by The Bangles.

Tags: stop motion, animation, 5C
Stop Motion 2-The Circle
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 612
Comments: 0

In this clip, Rachel just moves a small degree around in a circle with each shot. There are about 10 shots which were then copied and pasted multiple times. Each still shot is 0.2seconds.

Tags: stop motion, animation, 5C
Stop Motion 3-Little Pony
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 841
Comments: 0

In this stop motion clip, the subject stays still, and the camera moves. The music is Trainspotting, by Orbital.

Tags: stop motion, animation, 5C
Newton's 1st Law of Motion Infomercial
Added: 31st January 2012
Posted By: camila_kochlowski
Views: 662
Comments: 0

This is a infomercial about Newton's 1st Law of Motion.

Tags: Newton, Law of Motion, Daniel, Camila, Informercial
Video tips - Framing
Added: 3rd September 2013
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 454
Comments: 0

How framing can be used to show emotion in film.

Tags: framing, emotion, film, video
Evoking Emotion with music
Added: 25th September 2013
Posted By: 21josefinab
Views: 373
Comments: 0

Awesome music fitted with a video called jungle walk

Tags: evoke, emotion, music, jungle, video
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
Added: 18th January 2012
Posted By: 18owenl
Views: 656
Comments: 1

Our movie is about Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which is about reactions and actions. In this video you can learn what this law is about, and how it works in real life! This video may not be in good resolution, but it is still a good infomercial to have a look at!

Tags: Owen Sophia Newton's 3rd law of motion
Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
Added: 1st February 2012
Posted By: 18debbyc
Views: 551
Comments: 0

This is about Newton's 2nd law of motion.

Tags: Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, Grade 6, Science, Debby, Mark