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Added: 25th November 2010
Posted By: derick_flores-perez
Views: 702
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Who got a better memory kids or teachers? let's find out

Tags: Mathbusters, Math, Derick, Titan, Stone, Tyger
The Snail Trail
Added: 17th February 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 2208
Comments: 0

The well known mathematical problem of the snail who is trying to escape the well.

Tags: ratio, math, snail
Every graph tells a story
Added: 31st October 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 1604
Comments: 0

Examples and things to think about when interpreting data using graphical displays.

Tags: graph, math, data, maths
The Metric Unit Reflection
Added: 8th December 2011
Posted By: 19kelleyx
Views: 464
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This is a animated keynote I made. It's my understandings about the metrics unite

Tags: Math, Kelley, 5C
The Truncated Icosahedron
Added: 19th April 2012
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 479
Comments: 0

From net to solid, how to create a truncated icosahedron.

Tags: shape, solid, math, geometry, icosahedron
Math Busters
Added: 14th September 2012
Posted By: 20anar
Views: 313
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Its math, Trying to find if factor trees had patterns.

Tags: Math, 5th grade, fator trees.
Subtraction Compensation
Added: 15th November 2012
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 324
Comments: 0

Henry from 3K, 2012/13 explains how to use the compensation strategy to solve a subtraction problem

Tags: maths, math, grade 3
Grid Method
Added: 14th December 2012
Posted By: 21alalaurilal
Views: 517
Comments: 0

this method will help you solve math problems faster.

Tags: Math, Multiplication, Grade 4, Tricks
Line method.
Added: 14th December 2012
Posted By: 21alalaurilal
Views: 464
Comments: 0

this method met be a bit hard but once you get it you can be the fastest in math in your class.

Tags: math, Multiplication, Grade 4, Tricks
3S Multi Split Strategy Femke
Added: 9th April 2013
Posted By: 22femkep
Views: 306
Comments: 0

This movie will show how to do 25x8 using the strategy

Tags: Movie, Math, Homeroom
Place Value Zeros
Added: 8th September 2013
Posted By: leah_ittner
Views: 572
Comments: 0

Short video to allow viewers to question the importance of place value zeros.

Tags: math, place value, zeros, base ten
The Ant City
Added: 18th September 2013
Posted By: amanda_klahn
Views: 2236
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Researchers poured over 10 tons of concrete into a leaf cutter ant colony, waited 3 days for the concrete to harden, and then excavated. The results were astounding! The ant colony covered over 500 square feet, and went down to a depth of 26 feet. That's pretty deep for a creature that is...

Tags: ant g4 fridayfun
Rounding Decimals
Added: 10th October 2013
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
Views: 1337
Comments: 0

A video tutorial on how to round decimals.

Tags: Math, Rounding, Decimals
Multiplication Method
Added: 28th October 2013
Posted By: 21julianab
Views: 357
Comments: 0

Here are all 3 multiplication methods that we learned in class.

Tags: Juliana,Methods,Multiplication,Math,5S
Multiplication Methods
Added: 28th October 2013
Posted By: 21emilias
Views: 500
Comments: 0

Here are all the 3 multiplication methods we learned in class.

Tags: Emilia, Methods, Multiplication, Math, 5S
My Favorite Method Of Multiplication
Added: 31st October 2013
Posted By: 21leezap
Views: 238
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Tags: Math, Grade 5, Cool
KGE proving Math
Added: 1st December 2013
Posted By: courtney_eppleman
Views: 401
Comments: 0

KGE proving if 6 is more than 8.

Tags: Math, workshops, centers, proofs
Math Proof (Division)
Added: 3rd December 2013
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
Views: 1131
Comments: 0

4A Students prove that 12 divided by 2 doesn't equal 4.

Tags: 4A, Math, Proof, Division
Input Output Tables
Added: 4th December 2013
Posted By: leah_ittner
Views: 336
Comments: 0

Introductory examples of how to use an input and output table

Tags: math, algebra, input, output
The Steps to Long Division
Added: 13th February 2014
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
Views: 3536
Comments: 0

The Steps to Long Division

Tags: Math, Division,