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Sounds Of Laughter
Added: 15th October 2012
Posted By: 20hillao
Views: 461
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Laughing hahahahahaah LOL

Tags: Laughter sounds
The Chines Presentation
Added: 20th January 2014
Posted By: 21saranyun
Views: 314
Comments: 0

This is a Chines presentation about my life in WAB.So watch hahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

Tags: Saranyu,5s,
Capoeira Video Jan 23rd 2013
Added: 26th January 2014
Posted By: 19ernam
Views: 276
Comments: 0

Haha this either, Just a video of me and my friend failing miserably at capoeira, sorry for not using time wisely while practising. But I swear we had it before. ;P

Tags: HPE
Jin Margo Lilith Spanish Speaking Test
Added: 29th May 2014
Posted By: 20lilithy
Views: 434
Comments: 0


Tags: jin, lilith, margo, spanish, HAHAHAH
tai chi performance Noel and Shahar
Added: 27th March 2015
Posted By: 19shahary
Views: 207
Comments: 0

this is the tai chi circuit we created performed by the Chinese kids

Tags: tai chi
two idiots
Added: 7th June 2011
Posted By: oi_ng
Views: 474
Comments: 0

these are my best friends haha

Tags: jessy kevin friends
Added: 7th June 2011
Posted By: kevin_cheng
Views: 622
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Tags: Student
yayayya MY MOVIE~
Added: 7th June 2011
Posted By: cheuk_jessica
Views: 669
Comments: 0

hahahhahha, movie i made in the blogging session

Tags: HS
Fooling Around!! :)
Added: 7th June 2011
Posted By: afrin_bhattacharya
Views: 612
Comments: 0


Tags: Amphitheatre, Friends
foolin' round
Added: 7th June 2011
Posted By: 14irenem
Views: 647
Comments: 0

featuring anna+iana+me+hannah

Tags: wahaha
Chloe Hobbs Personal Project Idea.
Added: 22nd August 2012
Posted By: 15chloeh
Views: 1809
Comments: 0

Sorry for the randomness haha. Basically I want to do a crossover between a long board and a skateboard, and design and create it and also be able to use it on a daily basis.

Tags: Personal Project
Alix Ollivier's Personal Project Game third video
Added: 16th October 2012
Posted By: 15alixo
Views: 454
Comments: 0

I have implemented smooth jumping. MUHAHAHA.

Tags: PersonalProject Game Alix
Madagascar 3 Fat Supermodel
Added: 2nd November 2012
Posted By: 20weehengg
Views: 438
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Tags: madagascar
Added: 20th November 2012
Posted By: candy_lin
Views: 746
Comments: 0

record screen from online game name 剑侠情缘,made a MV for memory。HAHA

Tags: game MTV
Video for Lauren
Added: 4th December 2013
Posted By: 20lilithy
Views: 37847
Comments: 0

A video for lauren when she went to the Taipei Swimmeet

Tags: lilith, lauren, 6-3, fun, osm, awesome, haha