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Jane Goodall Video
Added: 16th September 2010
Posted By: Admin
Views: 2461
Comments: 2

Jane Goodall introduction video. Original source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5MjE4NzI4.html Note: this will be removed on 22 September 2010

Tags: Jane Goodall
Wembley Stadium Connections
Added: 18th November 2010
Posted By: cameron_conyers
Views: 682
Comments: 0

This is a good slide show about the wonderful Wembley Stadium.

Tags: Wembley, Stadium, Connection
Wembley Stadium connections
Added: 22nd November 2010
Posted By: yingyan_huang
Views: 608
Comments: 0

This is my keynote work about the wembley stadium, and made really good connections.

Tags: UOI
The Winter Poem
Added: 17th December 2010
Posted By: andrew_ding
Views: 2100
Comments: 2

This is my winter poem, I had kind of bite more than I can chew so it's really good.

Tags: poem, winter, english, UoI
Special Rock Poem
Added: 17th December 2010
Posted By: sophia_zhang
Views: 682
Comments: 0

this is my special spot poem. Sorry I put instruction instead of introduction, but it's still good I think. you will like it.

Tags: Special Rock Poem
Goodbye Rowan
Added: 18th January 2011
Posted By: Admin
Views: 607
Comments: 0

A goodbye message to a departing classmate in NC

Tags: NC
2010/11 Grade 1 Reflection Video
Added: 20th May 2011
Posted By: dmeikle
Views: 1369
Comments: 0

THis video was created by the Grade 1 students (and Mr. Meikle) to say goodbye to their teachers and to reflect on all the great things they have achieved in their time in Grade 1. It was shown at our KG/G1 Reflection assembly to rave reviews!

Tags: G1, 1M, 1A, 1K, 1B, 1N, farewell, end of year, reflection
How to Run a Good 60m Race
Added: 23rd May 2011
Posted By: brandon_vogt
Views: 1667
Comments: 0

This is Brandon Vogt and Nicholas Strauch's entry in the how-to video competition. How to Run a Good 60m Race. Enjoy.

Tags: Brandon Nicholas how-to how to 60m
How To Go Through Airplane Security
Added: 24th May 2011
Posted By: ido_ginossar
Views: 667
Comments: 2

Do you know how to go through airplane security? If you don't then this is a REALLY good movie for you!

Tags: How To Ido Ellie Airplane Security
Team work
Added: 15th September 2011
Posted By: 19braxtonp
Views: 828
Comments: 0

This is a video about how good you are with a team!

Tags: Team work, 5.C, A little team work goes along way, braxton, team work
TED Talk - Signe
Added: 27th April 2012
Posted By: 19signel
Views: 405
Comments: 0

this is my ted talk please tell me whats good and bad

Tags: TED Talk, Talk,
Cycle of Change
Added: 22nd August 2013
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
Views: 799
Comments: 0

This is a documentary (~26:00): "Cycle of Change" by a German man who lived in Beijing as a boy between 1990-1993 and returned in 2006. Lots of good old footage and new footage of visiting old places.

Tags: WWAIPT, Change, Causation, Beijing, Grade 4
Poetry Film-Jason 5T-The power of Nature
Added: 18th October 2011
Posted By: 19jasonh
Views: 691
Comments: 2

This is a film I made for the unit. It's a good film!

Tags: Jason's poetry film!
How To Add Using The Jump Strategy
Added: 28th October 2011
Posted By: 20adaml
Views: 558
Comments: 0

This is a good strategy to add using the jump strategy.

Tags: Mathematics
The Water Pollution that destroys!!!
Added: 18th November 2011
Posted By: 20hennas
Views: 480
Comments: 0

This is a detailed explanation of water pollution so I suggest if you are an advanced reader look at my video.I'm kidding look at my video even if you're not so good at reading.

Tags: water pollution waterpollution naturaldisasters horriblepollution horrible pollution
How to take a good photograph
Added: 18th November 2011
Posted By: 19alexandero
Views: 544
Comments: 0

This is a movie about how to take a good photograph.

Tags: How To
Air pollution
Added: 21st November 2011
Posted By: 20claudiac
Views: 532
Comments: 0

here's a really good movie about air pollution

Tags: UoI
Mr. Popper's Penguin
Added: 30th November 2011
Posted By: 20michellek
Views: 514
Comments: 0


Tags: Mr. Popper's Penguins
Mackin BookTalk
Added: 30th November 2011
Posted By: jbyrne
Views: 928
Comments: 0

Short introduction to good reads.

Tags: fol books
Convection Observation
Added: 1st December 2011
Posted By: 19javiers
Views: 741
Comments: 0

A keynote about Convection Observation and it's very good!

Tags: Javier, 5C, Grade 5 Convection Observation