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Guitar vs the Past Civilizations
Added: 26th November 2010
Posted By: oona_kaipanen
Views: 676
Comments: 0

Is the classical guitar connected to the past civilizations?

Tags: civilization, guitar
Engineering Connections-camera
Added: 26th November 2010
Posted By: camila_kochlowski
Views: 843
Comments: 0

Did you know that your camera is connected to many past civilizations? Well it is! Find out in this video where your camera partly comes from!

Tags: Engineering Connections, camera, past civilizations
YoYo connected to past civilization
Added: 26th November 2010
Posted By: stone_huang
Views: 771
Comments: 0

Did you know that yoyo parts are actually connected to past civilizations!!!

Tags: yoyo, civilization, connect
Engineering Connections
Added: 29th November 2010
Posted By: steven_yeh
Views: 710
Comments: 0

This is a video that show what are the thing that is connected to the past civilizations, which is engineering connection. I did about houses.

Tags: connections, Steven, 5C, Civilizations
Airplanes-Engineering Connections
Added: 3rd December 2010
Posted By: valerie_boeker
Views: 732
Comments: 0

How is an airplane connected to other civilizations? Watch to find out!

Tags: Engineering Connetions, airplane,
Mechanical pencils
Added: 3rd December 2010
Posted By: tracy_xu
Views: 611
Comments: 0

how is a mechanical pencil realities to a ancient civilizations

Tags: pencil mechancil, pencil, led ,inventions,
The Camera
Added: 6th February 2012
Posted By: 19juliep
Views: 551
Comments: 0

This is a video of how the camera is connected to the past civilizations. Hope you enjoy

Tags: engineering connections, Julie, 5C
Engineering Connections
Added: 13th February 2012
Posted By: 19paulinet
Views: 360
Comments: 0

This is a slide show about cameras and it is based on past civilizations.

Tags: engineering connections
Engineering connections
Added: 22nd February 2012
Posted By: 19jeffreyl
Views: 530
Comments: 0

This is a video about the camera timeline.

Tags: Civilizations Civilisations 5T
Summative Interview Civilizations
Added: 16th October 2015
Posted By: 23julieb
Views: 321
Comments: 0

This is my recording of the interview.

Tags: Summative Interview Civilizations
WWAIPT Summative
Added: 21st October 2015
Posted By: 23violad
Views: 291
Comments: 0

Tags: WWAIPT UOI Civilizations
Caroline's Where We Are in Place and Time Summative
Added: 30th October 2015
Posted By: 23carolines
Views: 187
Comments: 0

Grade 5 where we are in place and time summative. Information about civilizations.

Tags: UOI