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toads adaptation
Added: 14th March 2011
Posted By: fflowers
Views: 743
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Tags: adaptation
Using Numbers to Add and Find Averages
Added: 19th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 1012
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This video will show you how to use Number, or any spreadsheet to find the total (sum) or average of a set of numbers.

Tags: numbers, average, sum
Mackin BookTalk
Added: 30th November 2011
Posted By: jbyrne
Views: 891
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Short introduction to good reads.

Tags: fol books
4W Assembly News Show Visuals
Added: 4th March 2013
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 347
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The visuals from Grade 4W's Assembly including: Tiger on the Street Public Service Announcements Come to WAB advertisements Travel Ads

Tags: grade 4w, 4w, assembly, tiger on the street
A New Classroom
Added: 24th May 2013
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 403
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Magne reads a story with the greenscreen

Tags: grade 2
Lee reads 'Brown Bear Brown Bear'
Added: 2nd September 2013
Posted By: Katie_knight
Views: 399
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Lee reads 'Brown Bear Brown Bear'

Tags: ECC reading
Added: 13th November 2013
Posted By: kay_shiel
Views: 242
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Antonio reads a story to PKS

Tags: Antonio/reads/story
Arctic Melt
Added: 15th November 2013
Posted By: amanda_klahn
Views: 307
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Habitat loss is one of the big issues for endangered species and that's something we're going to look at next. Mention the North and South Poles and I bet you think 'ice' and loads of it! But imagine if one of the poles didn't have any. That would be pretty bizarre! Well...

Tags: g4 STP environment
water pollution
Added: 4th December 2013
Posted By: 22michielb
Views: 254
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Tags: uoi
Kobe and Messi, Turkish Airlines Advertisement
Added: 6th January 2014
Posted By: 22louisl
Views: 495
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For UOI @2014 Louis Uploads Videos

Tags: UOI, Persuasion, Soccer, Basketball, Messi, Kobe Bryant, Turkish Airlines, Advertisement
music and ads
Added: 23rd January 2014
Posted By: 22mimik
Views: 367
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Imovie project

Tags: UOI
Caroline reading Historical Narrative
Added: 11th February 2014
Posted By: melissa_roosen
Views: 258
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Caroline R reads her Historical Narrative aloud. Feb 10, 2014

Tags: grade 5
Procedural Writing-Long division
Added: 10th March 2014
Posted By: 22patrickg
Views: 356
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Tags: Long division
Exploring Pipes and Beads
Added: 8th April 2014
Posted By: Katie_knight
Views: 1263
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PreK students making marble runs

Tags: ECC
MADE IN THE USA: Child Labor & Tobacco
Added: 27th May 2014
Posted By: amanda_klahn
Views: 859
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http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/05/14/us... Child labor is common on tobacco farms in the United States, where children are exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides, and other dangers. Child tobacco workers often get sick with vomiting, nausea, headaches, and dizziness while working, all symptoms...

Tags: wwa g4 child labor human rights
Children Mining Gold in Mali
Added: 27th May 2014
Posted By: amanda_klahn
Views: 653
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http://www.hrw.org/news/2011/12/06/ma... At least 20,000 children work in Malian artisanal gold mines under extremely harsh and dangerous conditions. These children literally risk life and limb. They carry loads heavier than their own weight, climb into unstable shafts, and touch and inhale...

Tags: wwa g4 child labor human rights
Use less iPads
Added: 10th December 2014
Posted By: 23jamesh1
Views: 443
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Using less iPads

Tags: Sharing the Planet
Music Emotions
Added: 19th January 2015
Posted By: 23fransk
Views: 686
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Music Emotions : this movie will show you how music changes our feelings in ads.

Tags: Music Emotions
Our Changing World Leads to New Habitats
Added: 4th May 2015
Posted By: aji
Views: 219
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Our Changing World Leads to New Habitats by 2D

Tags: 2D Assembly
I love my white shoes
Added: 29th October 2015
Posted By: niall_watt
Views: 248
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Nate reads to the class.

Tags: ECC