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Uploading Photos Using the Applet
Added: 18th October 2010
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 992
Comments: 0

This video will show you had to upload images to the photos.wab.edu server using the Upload Applet

Tags: upload, applet, photos.wab.edu,
Ancient Shipping
Added: 6th December 2010
Posted By: antoine_thibaut
Views: 661
Comments: 0

this is my research i did on vikings and how they started shipping

Tags: Vikings
What's on today in 5T (09/12/10)
Added: 8th December 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 737
Comments: 0

Mr T explains what's happening in 5T on Thursday 9/12/10

Tags: 5T, classroom
Kate Sheppard
Added: 12th December 2010
Posted By: maeli_cowell
Views: 604
Comments: 0

Kate Sheppard was a famous woman from New Zealand. Watch this short video to find out about her life and influence.

Tags: kate sheppard, significant people
Plants in Winter
Added: 17th December 2010
Posted By: sharon_jeong
Views: 598
Comments: 0

We got to make some poems and go out and describe it. I did my best so please be happy with this!

Tags: Plants in winter is a great poem!
Dutch Ipad App review: Letterlegger
Added: 21st March 2012
Posted By: henk_vanmourik
Views: 604
Comments: 0

Dutch Ipad App review: Letterlegger

Tags: Dutch Ipad App review Letterlegger
Shift Happens 4
Added: 25th February 2011
Posted By: Admin
Views: 624
Comments: 0

Shift Happens 4

Tags: ICT
Shift Happens 2
Added: 26th February 2011
Posted By: Admin
Views: 531
Comments: 0

Shift Happens

Tags: ICT
World Maths Day in 5T
Added: 1st March 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 1188
Comments: 0

A snippet of the excitement, focus, energy and fun in 5T during World Maths Day.

Tags: world maths day
The Three Little Pigs 2
Added: 7th March 2011
Posted By: angela_jeon
Views: 610
Comments: 0

Oskar, Joost, Louis, Pippa & Vien act out their version of the story

Tags: Three Little Pigs
Ho Joon's apple cutter
Added: 4th March 2011
Posted By: hojoon_lee
Views: 589
Comments: 0

this is a complex machine

Tags: simple machine
grasshopper adaptation
Added: 14th March 2011
Posted By: fflowers
Views: 1651
Comments: 0


Tags: adaptation
GAAP's apple slicer
Added: 15th March 2011
Posted By: Guilherme_Martins
Views: 635
Comments: 0

An machine that will help you cut the apple

Tags: an new version of an apple slicer
Hippo's Hiccups
Added: 16th May 2011
Posted By: debby_chen
Views: 0
Comments: 0

This is a video of Victoria reading her book, Hippo's Hiccups

Tags: Hippo's Hiccups, Victoria, 1n
Neverending Staircase-Happy
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 1067
Comments: 0

In this video, I have taken 4 shots of my subject running up some stairs, and then copied and pasted them over a few times. The music is "Life is a Roller Coaster"

Tags: 5c, stairs
Neverending Staircase-Scary
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 1109
Comments: 0

This is the same video as Neverending Staircase-Happy, but this time I have added scary music which I downloaded from www.freeplaymusic.com It totally changes the feel.

Tags: scary, 5C, stairs
Happy Birthday JT
Added: 1st October 2011
Posted By: kjiao
Views: 625
Comments: 0

Happy Birthday JT

Tags: Jenni
Apply for WABTV ASA 2!
Added: 5th November 2013
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 3498
Comments: 0

Visit blogs.wab.edu/wabtv for details.

Tags: wab tv, wabtv
when I feel
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: 19gabip
Views: 625
Comments: 0

when I feel angry,sad and happy

Tags: Gabi,5c, Grade 5 video festival
Added: 20th October 2011
Posted By: 19alyssah
Views: 471
Comments: 0

This is my Poetry Film Video I made for my poem called "Happiness".

Tags: Poetry Happiness