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Thinking about Letters
Added: 17th September 2011
Posted By: dmeikle
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This week we spent some time playing with and thinking about letters. At this stage, I want my students to be interested in constructing their own meaning and making personal connections with the alphabet, rather than simply memorizing the ABCs. This video might give you an insight into the sorts...

Tags: PKM, Literacy, Letters, Reading
Role Play Writing
Added: 13th October 2011
Posted By: dmeikle
Views: 729
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Lately, I have been thinking a lot about writing, and encouraging my students to try to write messages and stories within authentic contexts. But what does writing look like for our young students? Obviously writers need to begin somewhere and we can call the start of writing 'role play...

Tags: PKM, Literacy, Writing, Role Play
Story Creation
Added: 6th November 2014
Posted By: holly_reardon
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Tags: Literacy, materials