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Video tips - Lighting
Added: 6th September 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 1144
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Simple tips on how to use lighting to create emotion. Produced by VideoMaker.

Tags: video, lighting, film
Emotional Video-Courage
Added: 22nd September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 1417
Comments: 1

Look at this video and note the techniques the videographer has used to evoke an emotional response. Make a T-chart with "Time" on one side and "Technique to evoke emotion" on the other. Watch the video, and list the techniques as you see them. For example; 0.34s Sad piano music starts...

Tags: iqbal, child, slavery, emotion
Lights, Camera, Action
Added: 29th August 2013
Posted By: 21immek
Views: 328
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Examples of Lighting

Tags: Lighting, 21immek
Added: 9th September 2013
Posted By: 21victoriat
Views: 322
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A movie to practice framing and lighting, for Grade 5.

Tags: Framing Practice for Grade 5
Woolworth Building @ 100
Added: 13th February 2014
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
Views: 527
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The Woolworth Building When the Woolworth Building was completed in 1913, it achieved instant renown as the highest skyscraper in the world. Cass Gilbert’s design was hailed by critics for the picturesqueness of its Gothic silhouette in skyline views. Its commanding central tower with...

Tags: HTWW, Structures, Woolworth