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Plants in Winter
Added: 17th December 2010
Posted By: sharon_jeong
Views: 598
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We got to make some poems and go out and describe it. I did my best so please be happy with this!

Tags: Plants in winter is a great poem!
Neverending Staircase-Happy
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 1067
Comments: 0

In this video, I have taken 4 shots of my subject running up some stairs, and then copied and pasted them over a few times. The music is "Life is a Roller Coaster"

Tags: 5c, stairs
Neverending Staircase-Scary
Added: 28th September 2011
Posted By: pcowell
Views: 1109
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This is the same video as Neverending Staircase-Happy, but this time I have added scary music which I downloaded from www.freeplaymusic.com It totally changes the feel.

Tags: scary, 5C, stairs
Happy Birthday JT
Added: 1st October 2011
Posted By: kjiao
Views: 625
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Happy Birthday JT

Tags: Jenni
when I feel
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: 19gabip
Views: 625
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when I feel angry,sad and happy

Tags: Gabi,5c, Grade 5 video festival
Happy in Beijing
Added: 6th March 2014
Posted By: fflowers
Views: 2077
Comments: 0

mental health

Tags: g2 who we are
Added: 11th October 2012
Posted By: 20chloec
Views: 453
Comments: 0

A Film About When I Was Happy .

Tags: Chloe
A feeling poem
Added: 15th October 2012
Posted By: 20richardm
Views: 12080
Comments: 0

it's about the feeling happy

Tags: 5B-Richard-afeeling poem
When I feel happy,brave
Added: 18th October 2012
Posted By: 20orin
Views: 343
Comments: 1

poetry film

Tags: poetry,film
Happy Birthday
Added: 29th August 2013
Posted By: aiqin_li
Views: 398
Comments: 0

Grade 3 Chinese

Tags: shang re kui le
Added: 6th February 2015
Posted By: 22paulh
Views: 490
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Tags: 5A
I'm Happy
Added: 14th October 2013
Posted By: 21carld
Views: 646
Comments: 0

Here is my poem of me telling things I do when I'm happy.

Tags: I'm Happy
Petrol Prices
Added: 15th November 2013
Posted By: amanda_klahn
Views: 300
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If your parents drive a car you've probably heard them talk about petrol prices which are constantly changing. At the moment petrol's the highest it's been in around two-and-a-half years and many people aren't happy. So why is petrol so expensive right now?

Tags: g4 HWEO economy
Happy Emotion
Added: 22nd January 2014
Posted By: 22carlo
Views: 320
Comments: 0

In 4M we made a movie about emotions.

Tags: UOI
Added: 23rd January 2014
Posted By: 22carlo
Views: 488
Comments: 0

just listen

Tags: happy
Dutch Grade 4 students are 'HAPPY'
Added: 29th January 2014
Posted By: henk_vanmourik
Views: 484
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Dutch Grade 4 students are 'HAPPY'

Tags: Dutch Grade 4 students are 'HAPPY'
2nd Happy song
Added: 10th February 2014
Posted By: 22martijng
Views: 346
Comments: 0

Watch this Movie

Tags: song
happy song
Added: 10th February 2014
Posted By: 22bartv
Views: 336
Comments: 0

This is my movie made with Max

Tags: happy
Happy Birthday Aliens
Added: 21st February 2014
Posted By: jonathan_mueller
Views: 366
Comments: 0

Happy Birthday Aliens

Tags: Happy Birthday Aliens
'Happy' in Beijing
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
Views: 1974
Comments: 0

A Beijing themed remake of the the Pharrell son "Happy"

Tags: Music, Happy, Beijing