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computers in school breaks debate
Added: 25th April 2012
Posted By: sarah_browne
Views: 348
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3rd Grade debate

Tags: Computers in school break debate
playdate on november 3rd
Added: 4th November 2013
Posted By: 23nounouc
Views: 230
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we had a playdate and we had fun

Tags: friends,Ella , Alma and playdate
playdate on november 3rd
Added: 4th November 2013
Posted By: 23nounouc
Views: 290
Comments: 0

we had a playdate and it was fun

Tags: Ella ,Alma ,frineds
March 3rd journal
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: 23nounouc
Views: 373
Comments: 0

March 3rd journal

Tags: March 3rd journal
Monday journal 3rd march 2014
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: 23himanshum
Views: 344
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Tags: Monday journal 3rd march
Monday Journal March 3rd 2014
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: 23tomik
Views: 316
Comments: 0

MOnday JOurnal

Tags: Monday Journal
Exhibition script!
Added: 22nd April 2014
Posted By: 21sittam
Views: 766
Comments: 0

Exhibition script for the PYP Exhibition on the 23rd of April !!!

Tags: Exhibition
Exhibition oral script
Added: 22nd April 2014
Posted By: 21doras
Views: 353
Comments: 0

For exhibition on Wednesday 23rd 2014

Tags: Exhibition & Dora
Potato Olympics
Added: 15th April 2015
Posted By: blair_zachary
Views: 381
Comments: 0

Potato Olympics example video

Tags: 3rd grade, potato olympics
Two-step equations
Added: 20th October 2011
Posted By: mike_bott
Views: 502
Comments: 0

3rd-party video on solving two-step equations.

Tags: math7 equations solve
Newton's 3rd Law Of Motion
Added: 17th January 2012
Posted By: 18emilyy
Views: 505
Comments: 1

Newton's 3rd Law Of Motion

Tags: Newton Motion Law 3rd
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
Added: 18th January 2012
Posted By: 18owenl
Views: 655
Comments: 1

Our movie is about Newton’s Third Law of Motion, which is about reactions and actions. In this video you can learn what this law is about, and how it works in real life! This video may not be in good resolution, but it is still a good infomercial to have a look at!

Tags: Owen Sophia Newton's 3rd law of motion
1 Creating the Sketchup Knight part1
Added: 20th April 2012
Posted By: acole
Views: 3108
Comments: 0

This is the first video in a series of 3. These videos will demonstrate how you can create the "Knight" moving toy using Sketchup. You can follow the instructions and create an accurate virtual model. Once the model is complete you can follow the 3rd video that will animate the lever mechanism....

Tags: lever linkages Grade 7
Capoeira Video Jan 23rd 2013
Added: 26th January 2014
Posted By: 19ernam
Views: 281
Comments: 0

Haha this either, Just a video of me and my friend failing miserably at capoeira, sorry for not using time wisely while practising. But I swear we had it before. ;P

Tags: HPE
Jabbawocky performance
Added: 3rd February 2015
Posted By: 18davidm
Views: 170
Comments: 0

February 3rd Jabbawocky performance

Tags: Jabbawocky