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Grade 5T
Videos used by Grade 5T.
Views: 740
Tags: how to, 5T,

Creating a digital desk
A How-to video series showing the steps to creating your own digital desk.

Using blogs.wab.edu
A how-to video series showing you how to use your newly created blog or digital desk.
Views: 1967
Tags: blog, digital desk, how to

Zimbra Quick Tips
Quick tips showing how to make your use of Zimbra more effective.

5C - Mathbusters
Mathbuster investigations by 5C.
Views: 966
Tags: math, mathbuster, 5C

5T Literature Discussions
Recordings of sophisticated picture book discussions in Grade 5T.
Views: 413
Tags: reading, literature, discussions

5T Poetry Films
This is a collection of poetry films created by Grade 5T. Please feel free to leave a comment and a rating.
Views: 1146
Tags: poetry, 5T, film, UOI, Grade 5

Grade 5 Poetry Film Festival 2010/2011
The top three films from each Grade 5 class as voted by their classmates.
Views: 2035
Tags: poetry, film, grade5

Doug and Phil
A collection of self-help videos for a range of different IT needs.
Views: 853
Tags: IT, help, quick tip

5T Gymnastics Routines
A collection of the routines from Grade 5Ts Gymnastics Unit
Views: 644
Tags: gymnastics, 5T, PE

Exhibition How To
Useful videos to help with the Grade 5 Exhibition
Views: 450
Tags: exhibition, tiger

How we express ourselves
A collection of short films that help us to understand the techniques used by film makers to evoke emotion.
Views: 580
Tags: film, grade 5, how we express ourselves

Video 101
A step by step guide showing how to get clips from a USB video camera onto your computer, import them into iMovie, then make them into a film.
Views: 887
Tags: imovie, video, film,

5T - Factor Busters
A collection of videos from 5T presenting their conclusions to the Factor Busters investigations.
Views: 783
Tags: factors, 5T

5T Poetry Film Festival 2011/2012
A collection of this year's poetry film festival entires from Grade 5T.
Views: 1348
Tags: poetry, film, 5T

Grade 5 Poetry Film Festival Finalists 2011/2012
The top 3 poetry films from each class in Grade 5.
Views: 1381
Tags: poetry, film, grade 5, festival

Transformation of energy
Different clips demonstrating the transformation of energy from one form to another.
Views: 1108
Tags: energy, form, transform

Grade 5T @ Grade 5 Art Show
A collection of performances from Grade 5T at the 2011 Art Show
Views: 652
Tags: grade 5, art show, 5t

Richard Hammond
A documentary series connecting past technologies to modern day structures.
Views: 473
Tags: engineering, connections

Examples of Magic Move
Some great examples of student and staff use of Magic Move.
Views: 317
Tags: keynote, magic, move