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3R Gymnastics 2014/15
3R Gymnastics 2014/15
Views: 233
Tags: 3R Gymnastics 2014/15

5B Gymnastics 2014/15
5B Gymnastics 2014/15
Views: 293
Tags: 5B Gymnastics

gu shi hui_G2 Li lao shi
gu shi hui_G2 Li lao shi
Views: 378
Tags: gu shi hui_G2 Li lao shi

3Z Gymnastics 2014/15
3Z Gymnastics 2014/15
Views: 258
Tags: 3Z Gymnastics 2014/15

5B Gymnastics 2014
Here are all your Gymnastics Videos.
Views: 241
Tags: 5b gymnastics

WABTV - Season 9
Episodes from season 9, Sept - Nov 2014
Views: 341
Tags: wabtv

Human Footprint
Have you ever thought about how much food, everyday products, and fuel you've consumed during the course of your life? In National Geographic's new program, HUMAN FOOTPRINT, you'll find out that it's a lot. From our cars to our clothes dryers to our disposable toothbrushes, our impact on planet Earth is astonishing. Whether you're a child who drinks milk or an adult who enjoys a bottle of wine, HUMAN FOOTPRINT takes a phase-by-phase journey through life to illustrate the enormous imprint every American makes during his or her time on Earth. Incorporating surprising facts with playful visuals, this enlightening portrait reveals our level of consumption and the simple changes we can all make to reduce our negative impact on the world.
Views: 419
Tags: national geographic g4 stp environment

Advice for Grade 1 Students
This was a collaborative G1/G5 buddy project. The G1 students were to give advice to next year's class. The G5 students provided technical support. This task was inspired by a Kid President "Pep Talk".
Views: 358
Tags: Grade 1, Grade 5

Views: 327
Tags: wwa g4 human rights