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Grade 1 PepTalk 2015-2016
Owner: ryan_moran
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Created by G5M and G1L buddies
Tags: Grade 1, Grade 5

Grade 1 Pep Talk - Jason
Added: 4th June 2015
Posted By: 22casperk
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This is my and Jason's pep talk

Tags: pep talk :)
Grade 1 Buddies Pep Talk
Added: 4th June 2015
Posted By: 22lundyz
Views: 482
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A video, not really pep talk, but really cool.

Tags: Grade 1, Alex P,
Advice for KG
Added: 4th June 2015
Posted By: ryan_moran
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Freja and her buddy are making a video for KG

Tags: KG Freja Mia
Pep Talk
Added: 8th June 2015
Posted By: 22nimab
Views: 345
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This video is by Magnus, Frederic, and me (Nima).

Tags: Buddies