Holly 17th December 2010This is a poem about QQ's Mom-Holly!!!
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Daftscography 14th January 2011A Daft Punk remix I made for ICT, used 7 songs Garageband messed up the audio quality whilst exporting, but otherwise, enjoy!
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Dust 24th January 2011Save the Children
Posted By: nadia_mian
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Playing for Change 2 26th January 2011Don't worry....
Playing for Change 2
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science assesment Claire 7-4 26th January 2011science tasks 5, 10 and 12
science assesment Claire 7-4
Posted By: claire_holm-chow
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catherine's Who We Are Reflection 26th January 2011Reflection movie
catherine's Who We Are Reflection
Posted By: catherine_zhou
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3K Gymnastics Adam, Una, Julien, Jin 7th February 20113K Gymnastics2010 Adam, Una, Julien, Jin
3K Gymnastics Adam, Una, Julien, Jin
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3S Gymnastics Mae Li, Cole, Jasper, Claudia 7th February 20113S Gymnastics2010 Mae Li, Cole, Jasper, Claudia
3S Gymnastics Mae Li, Cole, Jasper,...
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Working together 10th February 20115T had a class workshop with the Jump leaders
Working together
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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Ski trip - Japan 2011 8th February 2011A short compilation of the kids skiing - mostly jumping!
Ski trip - Japan 2011
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I have a dream 8th February 2011"I have a dream" speech from Martin Luther King, August 28, 1963.
I have a dream
Posted By: beth_gourley
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KeXue Communications 17th February 2011This is about a science organization I saw today!
KeXue Communications
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John, Terry 8th March 2011persuading miss o'connell
John, Terry
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anteater adaptation 14th March 2011adaptation
anteater adaptation
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cheetah adaptation 14th March 2011adaptation
cheetah adaptation
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earthworms adaptation 14th March 2011adaptation
earthworms adaptation
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polar bears adaptation 14th March 2011adaptation
polar bears adaptation
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Canyons 16th March 2011A video about how canyons are formed.
Posted By: kincheong_cheng
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teaching division (test) 14th March 2011This is a test for the grade 9 class.
teaching division (test)
Posted By: siobhan_morrell
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Daniela's Grade Four Division (Test) 14th March 2011(its a test)
Daniela's Grade Four Division...
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