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ESOL5 Sumin & Taiga
Added: 18th February 2011
Posted By: lkeary
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ESOL5 buddy reading with Sumin and Taiga

Tags: ESOL5 Buddy Reading
Annoying orange pacamainia
Added: 13th December 2012
Posted By: 20rohana
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Annoying orange pacamainia please watch

Tags: Annoying orange pacamainia cool
4T Dancin' on the Rooftop
Added: 28th October 2011
Posted By: laura_long
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In G4 performing arts, students learned the song Dancin' on the Rooftop. In addition, they had to create movement to fit the structure or form of the song. Each group was in charge of a different section. Enjoy the moves they created!

Tags: 4T performingarts
Multiplication Talk Show
Added: 15th April 2013
Posted By: 21laurena
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A shot movie about multiplication strategies. A demonstration for SLC.

Tags: Multiplication Talk Show
Math Think board Janet
Added: 18th February 2014
Posted By: 22janetw
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Math Think board Janet

Tags: Math Think board Janet
Hyperlinking to Google maps
Added: 17th January 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to create a hyperlink to a google map.

Tags: google, map, hyperlink, blogs
Written Method by Grace in 3H
Added: 26th February 2013
Posted By: 22gracek
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By Grace 3H

running faster than the ball
Added: 13th September 2012
Posted By: 20linusk
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It is Awesome!

Tags: running
TALEX Singing 2
Added: 9th February 2011
Posted By: pcowell
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Public Domain

Tags: TALEX, singing 1
5S The Day is Now Over
Added: 19th March 2014
Posted By: paul_shiel
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playing xylophones and glockenspiels

Tags: 5S performing arts
Added: 26th September 2013
Posted By: 23mollyb
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Tags: tattoo
Open house
Added: 30th August 2012
Posted By: 21momow
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Hi mom welcome to the open house

Tags: Open house
Added: 8th March 2012
Posted By: 21innesg
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Tags: Earthquake-Innes 3B
Be careful sloppy tiger
Added: 26th September 2014
Posted By: 24Hukhf
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be careful

Tags: 3H
5S Jhudiel - Poetry Film - All Alone in the Dark
Added: 6th February 2015
Posted By: 22jhudiels
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This is my Poetry Film (How We Express Ourselves Summative)

Tags: 5S Jhudiel All Alone in the Dark
Ella 3H Student Led Conference mOVIE
Added: 15th April 2014
Posted By: 23ellar
Views: 299
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Ella 3H Student Led Conference mOVIE

Tags: Ella 3H Student Led Conference mOVIE
Interview about the Summative Assessment
Added: 19th October 2012
Posted By: 21Kaitlinl
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Interview about the Summative Assessment

Tags: Kaitlin 4A
G2 ELE Poems - Ms. McCone
Added: 14th October 2011
Posted By: sbradshaw
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Our favourite poems!

Tags: ele ele2 mccone
How to install fonts to Font Book
Added: 12th October 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to video showing how to add fonts to Font Book and organise them into collections.

Tags: fonts, Font book, install, collections, digital desk
My amazing math video
Added: 21st November 2014
Posted By: 24minjunk
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I'am making a math video

Tags: My amazing math video