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History Tesla Motors
Added: 12th April 2016
Posted By: sheilah_curtis
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documentary-40 minutes long

Tags: Exhibition Field Trip
3B Ella as Jane Goodall
Added: 21st January 2015
Posted By: 24ellas
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Tags: 3B
Andy's Stapler Explanation
Added: 12th March 2015
Posted By: 24andyp
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Andy's Stapler Explanation

Tags: Andy's Stapler Explanation
Club Minecraft Friso A.
Added: 14th January 2013
Posted By: 19frisoa
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Video application for Club Minecraft.

Tags: Minecraft Games
Learning 2.012
Added: 23rd September 2012
Posted By: madeleine_brookes
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Tags: learning2.012
Ollie W's SimCity
Added: 3rd May 2013
Posted By: 22olliew
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Tags: awesome
Added: 27th February 2015
Posted By: 24jul
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Tags: 3B
Added: 24th September 2010
Posted By: ellen_anderton
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This invation is about our ART GALLARY on thursday 30th from 11 to 12

Tags: invitaion
5S Gymnastics 2014/15
Added: 13th January 2015
Posted By: zoe_zhang
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Tags: 5S Gymnastics 2014/15
New airliners
Added: 10th July 2013
Posted By: 22yaod
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New airliners like B797

Tags: New airliners
6-3 WAB Wild camp 2014
Added: 18th April 2014
Posted By: jenny_zhan
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highlights movie from 6-3 WAB Wild camp 'The Call of The Wild' 2014

Tags: 6-3 WAB Wild camp 2014
Added: 28th September 2010
Posted By: hendrik_vanee
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To mom and dad

Tags: Invitation
Added: 27th September 2010
Posted By: michelle_kim
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To mom and dad

Tags: Intitation
Added: 28th September 2010
Posted By: daniel_lidz
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to mom and dad

Tags: invatoin
Science Ruler Experiment
Added: 3rd March 2014
Posted By: 19adamk
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Ruler Experiment which I use a ruler to symbolize vibrations and sound

Tags: yolo
How does erosion change the earth?
Added: 17th March 2011
Posted By: hilla_olsson
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Tags: Hilla, Sam, Linus
Line method.
Added: 14th December 2012
Posted By: 21alalaurilal
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this method met be a bit hard but once you get it you can be the fastest in math in your class.

Tags: math, Multiplication, Grade 4, Tricks
HTWW Field Trip - The Drum & Bell Tower
Added: 28th February 2014
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
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Tags: HTWW, Structures, G4, Field Trip, Drum Tower, Bell Tower
WAB Events
Added: 20th October 2013
Posted By: 16aprilb
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rugby boys

Tags: School-games_practice_rugby
Best Gymnastic Video Sichen
Added: 5th November 2014
Posted By: 23sichenl
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Best Gymnastic Video Sichen

Tags: Best Gymnastic Video Sichen