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Book Club Trailer: Chasing Redbird
Added: 12th June 2014
Posted By: 21sidneys
Views: 471
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This is our book club trailer for Chasing Redbird by Sharon Creech

Tags: Trailer BookClub ChasingRedbird
The best jumps
Added: 19th January 2011
Posted By: muhammad_azeem
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Something to watch it

Tags: jumps, world, top 10
The Camera
Added: 7th February 2012
Posted By: 19lauraa
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This is a video about the camera. Sources: http://inventors.about.com/od/bstartinventions/a/History-Of-The-Battery.htm http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wire#History http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_wiring#Metal-sheathed_wires http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_invented_the_camera_lens...

Tags: laura, 5C, engineering connections, 19lauraa, the camera
Clocks Upgrade
Added: 13th February 2012
Posted By: 19congduyt
Views: 492
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Every thing about digital clocks

Tags: Grade 5
Wo de yi tian By Tamara and Yali
Added: 9th February 2015
Posted By: 24tamaram
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Wo de yi tian By Tamara and Yali

Tags: Wo de yi tian By Tamara and Yali
Added: 28th September 2010
Posted By: daniel_lidz
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to mom and dad

Tags: invatoin
Added: 28th September 2010
Posted By: hendrik_vanee
Views: 743
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To mom and dad

Tags: Invitation
Cultural Revolution: Chen I-wan 2/2
Added: 23rd October 2013
Posted By: kari_robertson
Views: 612
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Chen I-wan is a British-Chinese citizen. He worked in a factory during the Cultural Revolution

Tags: history cultural revolution china
Added: 4th February 2013
Posted By: 17iirok
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better one

Tags: grade, 8, wab, iiro, dominik, weehao, wee, hao, bag, of, potatoes
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: 14ceciliac
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English Podcast

Tags: Judged
Minecraft- Math Measurement
Added: 7th May 2015
Posted By: 23tomik
Views: 241
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We are playing Minecraft for Math.

Tags: Math
3H Lit Circle Discussion Group 2 10 Mar
Added: 11th March 2014
Posted By: josie_ho
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3H Lit Circle Discussion Group 2 10 Mar

Tags: 3H Lit Circle Discussion Group 2 10 Mar
My audio
Added: 20th January 2011
Posted By: gyu_kim
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Tags: dsa
International day
Added: 27th September 2013
Posted By: 22harryc
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Its a International day! But this to guy is doing very crazy thing that can,t do in this time so its turning to a crazy messy International day!

Tags: Children Movie
alvaro's experiment 11
Added: 26th January 2011
Posted By: alvaro_garciarubio
Views: 689
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this is my experiment

Tags: alvaro's experiment
How To Subtract
Added: 17th October 2011
Posted By: 20alicey
Views: 539
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In this movie, you will learn a very simple way of subtracting.

Tags: By: Alice.Y
Where in the world is WAB 2
Added: 13th February 2014
Posted By: douglas_taylor
Views: 1267
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Where in the world is back! Find out the amazing places WAB students and staff went for their winter vacations this year. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Tags: where in the world, WAB, wabtv
Dutch Nieuws uit de Natuur Muizen Nov 2
Added: 5th November 2012
Posted By: henk_vanmourik
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Dutch Nieuws uit de Natuur Muizen Nov 2

Tags: Dutch Nieuws uit de Natuur Muizen
Performing arts project poem with voice & music that I made by myself
Added: 17th February 2016
Posted By: 23nancyz
Views: 428
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Not so good but please enjoy and no mean comments please!

Tags: 23nancyz's video
Audition - Tairi
Added: 4th November 2014
Posted By: 17justinp
Views: 342
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Auditions for my personal project

Tags: personal project