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Sir Ken Robinson - TED speech - 2006
Added: 23rd June 2010
Posted By: muhammad_azeem
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The famous TED speech on schools and creativity

Tags: ken robinson, schools, creativity, TED
5T Home learning - Editing your book review
Added: 6th September 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to edit your book review after you have saved it as a draft.

Tags: blog, digital desk, post, edit, draft
Creating a digital desk 1 - Creating a blog
Added: 3rd September 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to create your digital desk blog on the new blog server.

Tags: blog, digital desk, grade 5
Rocketeer + Sandstorm
Added: 25th May 2011
Posted By: henry_bian
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Far East Movement + Darude remix *Not for remix project

Tags: Remix Music Mix
Jane Goodall Video
Added: 16th September 2010
Posted By: Admin
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Jane Goodall introduction video. Original source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5MjE4NzI4.html Note: this will be removed on 22 September 2010

Tags: Jane Goodall
Added: 30th August 2011
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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A neat poetry film about a Pirate named Mingo.

Tags: poetry, how we express ourselves, film
Creating A Digital Desk 6-Publishing iWeb Splash page
Added: 3rd September 2010
Posted By: pcowell
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How to publish your digital desks splash page on iweb to the school server

Tags: iweb, splash, publish, digital desk
How 2 Free Up Zimbra Email Space
Added: 17th February 2012
Posted By: pcowell
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Is your inbox overflowing? Is your quota in the red? Free up buckets of space. Fast.

Tags: how 2, zimbra, email, quota
Thomas L Addition Strategy
Added: 27th October 2014
Posted By: 24thomasl
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Tags: math
Qr codes Advertisement
Added: 25th November 2011
Posted By: 19kammiep
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Here is an advertisement that Maren, Rhiann, Emma and I made. We did this because we would like you to download the QR code scanner app!

Tags: QR codes, ad, advertisement,
Desertification (GoodPlanet Foundation)
Added: 24th April 2012
Posted By: owen_fidler
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A great video that explains many of the terms we use in the Grade 6 'All Dried Up' unit.

Tags: desertification
What is genius hour?
Added: 11th November 2014
Posted By: fflowers
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genius hour

Tags: 4f genius hour
Added: 29th August 2013
Posted By: 21junec
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Lights Camera action!

Tags: Light
The Magic Flamingo
Added: 28th November 2014
Posted By: kbowyer
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Tags: 3B
Around the world in 80 Trades
Added: 6th May 2013
Posted By: 21fayez
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Around the world in 80 Trades

Tags: Faye 4A
Dutch: Mo li hua
Added: 13th October 2015
Posted By: henk_vanmourik
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Dutch: Mo li hua

Tags: Dutch: Mo li hua
Added: 11th February 2015
Posted By: 22brianl
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A lightbulb

Tags: 5B
How to Divide 3-Digit Dividend by 1-Digit Divisor
Added: 7th March 2014
Posted By: 22johnl
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569 divided by 9

Tags: Long Division
2B Gymnastics 2013 Julia Issac Tamara Maxi
Added: 5th December 2013
Posted By: jml
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2B Gymnastics 2013 Julia Issac Tamara Maxi

Tags: 2B Gymnastics 2013 Julia Issac Tamara Maxi
Love Song to the Earth
Added: 10th September 2015
Posted By: fflowers
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Friends of the Earth song - climate change

Tags: STP G4 climate change