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Added: 17th December 2010
Posted By: emily_yuan
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This is a poem about QQ's Mom-Holly!!!

Tags: Holly
UOI Summative Assessment
Added: 21st October 2015
Posted By: 23matthiass
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UOI Summative Assessment

Tags: UOI Summative Assessment
Sir Ken Robinson - TED speech - 2006
Added: 23rd June 2010
Posted By: muhammad_azeem
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The famous TED speech on schools and creativity

Tags: ken robinson, schools, creativity, TED
Added: 16th January 2014
Posted By: 23mollyb
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Tags: 我的玩具狗不见了
5T Home learning - Editing your book review
Added: 6th September 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to edit your book review after you have saved it as a draft.

Tags: blog, digital desk, post, edit, draft
mission beijing
Added: 7th June 2011
Posted By: 14carmenp
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so sexy again

Tags: #silly video
Creating a digital desk 1 - Creating a blog
Added: 3rd September 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to create your digital desk blog on the new blog server.

Tags: blog, digital desk, grade 5
Added: 9th October 2013
Posted By: jbyrne
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Added: 14th November 2014
Posted By: 24issacl
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Added: 21st February 2014
Posted By: jbyrne
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Jane Goodall Video
Added: 16th September 2010
Posted By: Admin
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Jane Goodall introduction video. Original source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTg5MjE4NzI4.html Note: this will be removed on 22 September 2010

Tags: Jane Goodall
Creating A Digital Desk 6-Publishing iWeb Splash page
Added: 3rd September 2010
Posted By: pcowell
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How to publish your digital desks splash page on iweb to the school server

Tags: iweb, splash, publish, digital desk
Camera Action - pan and tilt
Added: 11th January 2016
Posted By: pcowell
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Camera Action - pan and tilt

Tags: Camera Action - pan and tilt
Egg field trip
Added: 7th March 2014
Posted By: 22bartv
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4M and 4A went on a field trip to the egg it was awesome

Tags: Egg field trip
Creating a digital desk 4 - Making your iWeb splash page
Added: 3rd September 2010
Posted By: douglas_taylor
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How to make your digital desk's splash page using iWeb. This will be the first place people will go to access your digital content.

Tags: digital desk, iWeb, grade 5
Shooting the Action
Added: 25th September 2013
Posted By: 21brucez
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Shows how to shoot good action

Tags: 5S
Added: 25th February 2015
Posted By: 23dannyp
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Tags: Homework
Viewing wikis in an RSS reader
Added: 22nd August 2011
Posted By: mike_bott
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How to use Vienna to track your WAB wikis of interest

Tags: middleschool wikis
G9 Alcohol PSA
Added: 6th February 2013
Posted By: 16daisyy
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By Daisy and Rebecca

Tags: alcohol psa
Book a Book video
Added: 29th March 2012
Posted By: 19jesseg
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We want to raise awareness

Tags: cool exhibition video