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Hunger movie
Added: 29th March 2012
Posted By: 19jackc
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This is a movie about world hunger we made for exhibition

Tags: World Hunger's voice
Home Learning 5-M
Added: 29th January 2015
Posted By: 22maylynw
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Advertisment of a cool Google phone

Tags: Home Learning 5-M
Added: 14th January 2011
Posted By: zida_liu
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A Daft Punk remix I made for ICT, used 7 songs Garageband messed up the audio quality whilst exporting, but otherwise, enjoy!

Tags: Daft Punk Remix Song
Added: 29th October 2014
Posted By: ylw
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Tags: 爱Love爱
Added: 18th October 2012
Posted By: 20weehengg
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Tags: FIFA
Factor tree
Added: 15th December 2015
Posted By: 23sabrinal
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Factor tree

Tags: Factor tree
Then and now documentary
Added: 29th August 2012
Posted By: 21christyk
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This is a keynote about Then and now

Tags: By Christy and Mary
Pig a Pancake
Added: 28th November 2014
Posted By: kbowyer
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Tags: 3B
Newtons' First Law Infomercial
Added: 31st January 2012
Posted By: 18lailas
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This a video about Newton's First Law of Motion

Tags: Newton, First Law
hoe bent u groen
Added: 14th November 2014
Posted By: 23frederiquer
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hoe bent u groen

Tags: hoe bent u groen
sim city reflection 1
Added: 24th September 2015
Posted By: 25benj
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sim city reflection 1

Tags: sim city reflection 1
Added: 1st November 2011
Posted By: 20boriso
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Lars dancing

Tags: q w e r t y u i o p a s d f g h j k l z x 4-L c v b n m
Linear Inequality Video #3
Added: 12th January 2012
Posted By: mike_bott
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From the Khan Academy

Tags: math8 KhanAcademy
Lucy and Eric Electricity Assessment
Added: 11th May 2012
Posted By: 16lucym
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Science Assessment

Tags: Science
Legend of manda ming
Added: 28th February 2014
Posted By: 21kasperv
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Legend of manda ming

Tags: Legend of manda ming
4M Slideshow
Added: 23rd January 2014
Posted By: jonathan_mueller
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A slideshow of photos take over the course of the 2013-2014 school year.

Tags: Class Photos
weathering and erosion
Added: 8th March 2012
Posted By: 21fayez
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weathering and erosion

Tags: faye3b
Una Enrevista en espanol
Added: 10th March 2014
Posted By: 20lauraz
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Tags: Spanish
We are what we do
Added: 6th February 2012
Posted By: jbindon
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a short kids' video about change

Tags: Making a difference
7-1 WAB Wild camp 2011
Added: 3rd November 2011
Posted By: jenny_zhan
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movie from 7-1 WAB Wild camp 'PUSHING THE LIMITS'

Tags: 7-1 WAB Wild camp