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3k Suhyeon fable
Added: 30th November 2012
Posted By: 22suhyeonk
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Tags: literacy
Tanzania Tourism
Added: 4th November 2014
Posted By: christopher_cowherd
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This is an official video for Tanzanian tourism.

Tags: tanzania tourism
minecraft traps
Added: 7th February 2014
Posted By: 21ryanx
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I was gonna make more traps and bases and all that, but my minecraft didn't work. Luckily, I found one of my old videos.

Tags: Minecraft Traps 21ryanx
Michelle Interviewing Jerome
Added: 19th March 2015
Posted By: 20jeromec
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Tags: french Michelle Jerome Interview
Polar Bears
Added: 28th March 2013
Posted By: 20lilyr
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Tags: Polar Bears
Open House
Added: 30th August 2012
Posted By: 21fayez
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Welcome to open house

Tags: Faye 4A Open House
Iftach he han bao bao
Added: 17th March 2015
Posted By: 24frederikh
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This is a video about Iftach eating lots burgers

Tags: han bao bao
Intro to PP
Added: 4th September 2012
Posted By: 15imaraj
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Tags: personal project
Problem solving
Added: 13th May 2013
Posted By: 21christyk
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Problem solving with Doceri By Christy

Tags: Problem solving
Added: 17th October 2013
Posted By: catherine_blas
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Partial product

Tags: multiplication
Miller 3b
Added: 9th April 2013
Posted By: 22millers
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3B Miller Wilbur Wright

Tags: 3B
African Child Trust
Added: 7th June 2013
Posted By: 21abela
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Tags: 21abela
Writing Workshop
Added: 29th November 2013
Posted By: ali_chugg
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Writing Workshop

Tags: Nursery
Louis's Photo Tessellation :D
Added: 19th November 2012
Posted By: 22louisl
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How To Tessellate Photos On Keynote

Tags: Louis's Photo Tessellation :D
5B Gymnastics
Added: 25th March 2011
Posted By: jml
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5B Gymnastics-Eric

Tags: 5B Gymnastics Eric
Poetry film
Added: 15th October 2012
Posted By: 20jinl
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Here is my film! I was voted for the top 3 in my class! :)

Tags: Poetry,film
Added: 20th September 2013
Posted By: 23feliciac
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Tags: HWEO 3H
2014 Acro Gym 3
Added: 12th May 2014
Posted By: vic_caban
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Final Performance

Tags: acro, gym, acrogym, acrogymnastics, gymnastics
Migrant Schools in Beijing Documentary - Part 2
Added: 18th March 2013
Posted By: ryan_moran
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For Exhibition research

Tags: Grade 5 Exhibition
our group dance in performing arts
Added: 4th November 2013
Posted By: 23nounouc
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we used moves to symbolize our group

Tags: dance,symbolize