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Human rights video
Added: 17th December 2015
Posted By: 18sungminj
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ICT project

Tags: ICT
kuai kuai de he man man de
Added: 2nd September 2015
Posted By: 24iftache
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two people going to a restaurant

Tags: chinese
note taking
Added: 14th January 2015
Posted By: 21luket
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Tags: Notes
Note making research
Added: 14th January 2015
Posted By: 21luket
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Awesome taking by me and Mateo

Tags: notes
Added: 14th November 2014
Posted By: nathaniel_atherton
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A quick video demonstrating how to use Newsela.com a powerful tool that allows student to access news articles about current events while adjust reading and content levels ensure reader from grade 3 to 12.

Tags: News, Current events, research, tool, Grade 4, STP
RUGBY- practice. Tiger Team
Added: 19th October 2014
Posted By: 16aprilb
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rugby boys and girls

Tags: #rugby #HS #2k16
Moodle Help - Renaming Topics
Added: 13th October 2014
Posted By: stan_covington
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Moodle Help - Renaming Topics

Tags: teachers, moodle
Access to WAB Print Software
Added: 13th August 2014
Posted By: madeleine_brookes
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Download & install self service Access self service Install WAB Printing software upgrade for Mavericks

Tags: network
HS Students: How to Get Access to HS Internet
Added: 13th August 2014
Posted By: madeleine_brookes
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This is for students who have new computers and need access to the HS Internet

Tags: network
Zimbra: Setting up email forwarder
Added: 5th June 2014
Posted By: muhammad_azeem
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This video tutorial is prepared by Anita Rong in IT department to help you setup a forwarder for emails coming to your WAB Zimbra mailbox to be forwarded to your personal email address.

Tags: zimbra, mail forwarder,
Moving large files from your computer
Added: 30th May 2014
Posted By: muhammad_azeem
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This is a video tutorial by IT department to assist in moving large files from computer to external drives. It is prepared in special context of year 2014-15 when introducing MacBook Airs to teaching staff with less storage space than their current MacBook Pros. The tutorial was prepared by...

Tags: move large files
KGE's Air Documentary
Added: 20th April 2014
Posted By: courtney_eppleman
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A documentary about Air

Tags: KG
Added: 13th March 2014
Posted By: 19kazv
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how it works

Tags: science
Procedural Writing-Long division
Added: 10th March 2014
Posted By: 22patrickg
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Tags: Long division
The Slinky experiment MS
Added: 4th March 2014
Posted By: 19matthewm
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Tags: MS slinky
What is Imagination?- KGE
Added: 24th January 2014
Posted By: courtney_eppleman
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How we express ourselves through Imagination

Tags: imagination,creativity
Dangerous animals.
Added: 11th December 2013
Posted By: 16pieterb
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This remix is made by Pieter Bruijnooge. Remix: Dangerous animals. Videos that are never shown in daily life are shown here in this remix. Beware, it can be very shocking!

Tags: Lion Bear Cheetah Buffalo Snake Animals Attack Wildlife Pieter
STP Summative assessment
Added: 6th December 2013
Posted By: 22jeffersonz
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This is Jefferson's Summative assessment @2013 Squid O Rama Co. Ltd.

Tags: JEFFERSON Squid O Rama 2013 Wab grade4 m4v troll leaving
OWT Fracking in Pennsylvania
Added: 17th November 2013
Posted By: 17jasperd
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Science OWT

Tags: OWT
Periodic table of elements song 1
Added: 11th November 2013
Posted By: 22jeffersonz
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go to https://mega.co.nz/#!elgSxaBA!Q9Yv5wnP-6S-_qWSeCj2aHrWz4gvPMtfhSvpbAA99EY and download the video

Tags: periodic jeff louis leaving cool troll